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The next General Meeting of EAC Virtual Threads will be April 16, 17 & 18, 2019

The subgroup is locked to new activity until just prior to the next meeting. All existing content (posts and files) can be read by a subgroup member (Virtual Threads chapter members in good standing) at any time.

This subgroup is for EAC Virtual Threads tri-monthly general meetings, and the Annual meeting. Every EAC Virtual Threads member in good standing is added to this subgroup.  The subgroup is closed to posting activity (locked) when a meeting is not in progress, but content may be viewed at any time by Virtual Threads members in good standing.

General Meetings are held every three months (January, April & July) during the third week of the month (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday). Specific dates and times are announced at the previous meeting and also appear in the meeting minutes (which can be found in the Files section). The Annual Meeting is held in October, again during the third week of the month. Reminders will also be sent out via group posts and the #ImportantInfo hashtag.

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