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Virtual Threads holds Virtual Retreats several times a year. Be sure to watch for the next one in Fun Stuff, and on the VT Calendar.

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Twice a year Virtual Threads holds a virtual retreat (of course!). They usually happen in the fall and also during the winter, when everyone usually needs a little pick-me-up from being stuck inside. We
hide away in our homes with our stitching projects and our laptops or online devices (having previously explained to our families that we're "not home"). The retreat is a time of fellowship & stitching that allows us to have some personal time, get to know other Virtual Threads members a bit better, and make some solid progress on a stitching project of everyone's personal choice. For many members, retreats are favourite events.

Having our own subgroup "room" means that we can play without disrupting the general email discussions in VT Home, or needing to sort out retreat players from the general activity. The subgroup gives us our own email address, photos, files and chat room, here in our own little retreat room. We're able to visit with each other, either via email or live chat, and
stitch the day away. Everyone adds photos of what we're stitching on for the day, which inspires everyone else and who knows, we might even get some good hints back about our work. For discussion topics? Anything you'd like!
Be sure to read through the Wiki Help & How-To info so that you can participate and enjoy in all of the activites.

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