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About Virtual Threads: Just like any other EAC chapter, Virtual Threads members have the opportunity to share their passions for stitching, their work (both finished and works in progress), and engage in chapter doings as well as EAC's activities and benefits. Rather than gathering in a brick-and-mortar location, the chapter "meets" here on EAC-VT. Most interaction is via group posts (email discussion) as well as photo sharing, and utilizing the other Groups.io features. VTHome (where you are now) is the chapter's main site. It's where the chapter engages in community-based discussion with fellow members, shares their work & experiences, and generally has fun together. Subgroups offer specialized focus for things like classes, workshops, special interest groups, activities, and administrative needs such as meetings & committees.
        Benefits of membership in EAC Virtual Threads include taking part in chapter meetings, online workshops (some exclusive to EAC Virtual Threads) with renowned teachers (both international and domestic), challenges & exchanges that motivate you to expand your stitching and designing, and classes & special interest groups to pursue your dedicated interests. There are also lots of other activities and opportunities (such as online Retreats). You can take part in all of these (and more) - all from the comfort of home, just as long as you have on-line access via computer or web-enabled mobile device. 

        Membership in The Embroiderers' Association of Canada is necessary to belong to the Virtual Threads Chapter. Check out the EAC website for more details about National membership, or send an email to the moderators of this group). To find out even more about what the EAC is all about, check out the EAC blog.

Come visit!  EAC-Virtual Threads offers a free 30-day trial membership, so that you to visit within the chapter and get to know a bit about all that's going on. Click the blue Apply for Membership in This Group button found lower on this page. You'll receive a reply that requests you to follow-up with us to confirm your interest request (your request will be held for 72 hours; if we don't hear back in that period of time, your request will be declined). This is a safe-guard to be sure that you initiated the request, and that no one is trying to attempting spam activity.  Upon us receiving your reply, you'll be activated in the group (on moderated status) for 30 days and be sent some basic information. The chapter's Membership Committee will personally follow up with you to help you settle in. At the conclusion of the 30-day trial, it's hoped that you'll join EAC Virtual Threads; if you decide it's not for you, then you'll be removed from EAC-VT.

Membership Fees: Membership in the Embroiderers' Association of Canada is required to join Virtual Threads

  • Virtual Threads chapter dues are $15.00CAD/year
  • EAC membership per year is as follows:
    • $40.00CAD within Canada
    • $50.00CAD within the USA
    • $60.00CAD all other international locations

We look forward to welcoming you into EAC Virtual Threads.

Last update: 2-17-2018

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